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About Dr Brown's

Colic is a common ailment. Despite its frequency it remains a poorly understood condition, affecting up to one in five babies and is very distressing for both baby and parent, which can have a huge impact on the family life! Interestingly colic occurs equally amongst boys and girls and in babies who are breast and bottle fed.

Dr Brown's Options™ anti-colic baby bottles have a unique feeding system that grows with baby and helps alleviate the symptoms of windy colic.

Traditional and restrictive vented bottles tend to develop vacuums because babies should suck progressively harder on the one hole in the bottle to obtain the liquid. This causes teat collapse and baby should stop feeding. Air enters the bottle when the teat reflates; this air is ingested and can cause colicky symptoms.

Dr Brown's Options™ is the first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the green vent system.

The internal vent system and teat work together and creates 100% vacuum free feeding – the teat will never collapse, so we recommend keeping the vent system in place to experience the full health benefits synonymous with Dr Brown’s bottles. With the vent in place Dr Brown’s is clinically proven to help reduce colic, burping and wind.
The new Dr Brown's Options™ teats, have a scalloped base which allows air to vent through the bottle when vent system is not used. The teats are made from high grade, super soft silicone.

Dr Brown's Options™: the same trusted bottle, with added benefits

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